PRIVACY POLICY (Mysttec Sdn. Bhd.) (“we”, “our”, “us”) is committed itself to adhere to The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2010. Any personal information provided to us will be kept confidential and use only according to the Act.

User visiting our site may not necessarily disclosing any of his or her personal information. However, if a user would like to perform by placing an order on our site, we shall request certain personal information to be provided by the user in order to process the order. Personal Information requested may be as follows:

- Name, email address, postage address, contact number, billing address, financial information such as bank account number and credit card.

- Transactional information on order placing.M

- We might request additional information such as ID or utility bill for authentication purposes.

The information collected must be voluntarily by user and use by us merely for the purpose of processing user’s order. However certain information indicated as mandatory field must be provided by user to allow us to process the order placed. User by giving this information acknowledge and consent that we will collect and store the information for the ease of processing under for now and possible future recurring orders, or for the purpose of our internal user purchasing behaviour statistics and analysis, or for the benefits of the user in any future promotion events organised by us.

We may also collect and store user personal or other information via: -

- User interaction with our site

- Other companies, such as demographic and navigation data process.

- Any other third parties, agencies or media.

We are committed to protect user personal information in accordance with the best practices in the industry and adhere to the Act and other regulations. Information collected and stored may or may not be used by us, if the information is used, it is only for that: -

- The processing of the personal information is necessary for or directly related to that purpose.

- The personal information is processed for a lawful purpose directly related to the activity of us.

- The personal information use is adequate to the activity and not excessive.

- To provide services and support to user.

- To improve our services, content, promotion and advert of the site to serve user better.

- To communicate on disputes, fee collection and troubleshooting issues.

- To enforce our Terms and Conditions.

User personal information may be shared with: -

- Related third parties within the processing circle, such as our shipping partners to handle the delivery of order; event organiser to assist us in promotion; IT supports in maintaining the stability of the site and data analysis; financial intermediary to process payment, collection and refund. Information shared must not be used for other purpose by these related third parties.

- Law enforcement units, government, state or local authorities on criminal or commercial fraud or bribery investigation or infringe of Intellectual Property right or any other unlawful activities.

- User has explicitly asked us to disclose his or her personal information to third party.

- In the case of business merger with other business entities, should that be happening, involved entities will be required to fully respect and follow this Policy, or user will be given advance notice on the contrary.

It is our policy to fully co-operate with the law enforcement agencies to disclose and identify the user to the relevant authorities, the injured third party or the rightful owner, if there is a reasonable ground that user is in breach of the Terms and Conditions or any other fault doing, directly or indirectly causes the injury of third party, or infringe the right of the rightful owner, be it a criminal or civil case, or in some cases, at our sole and absolute discretion, we deemed that it is necessary and is in its best interest to do so. User losses or damages as a result of the disclosure shall be his or her own responsibility and user shall not hold us liable nor take any action to claim any damages against us.


Mostly all the servers will automatically have picked up and recorded certain data when a website is visited, this may include: -

- Computer IP address

- Browser type

- The pages, date and time visited, information or products searched, time spent, other visited sites and other statistical data. Analysis and evaluation may be carried out on the data collected here to further strengthen and improve web page and services provided


User registering on the site to open an account with us will be prompted to create a unique password to access to his or her account the next time the user visit the site. User’s password must, at all time, keep it Private and Confidential and must not disclose to any third party. User will be required to key in the password each and every time when he or she wishes to access to his or her account. We will not ask for user password through any means of media nor shall the user disclose his or her password to any third party by any means. If user disclose or share the password to others, any losses or damaged arising from there shall be the user sole responsibility. User must notify us and change the password immediately should he or she suspect that his or her password has been compromised for any reason.

User personal information within the account will be safely and securely stored on the site and only the user has the password to access to modify it, therefore it is at the user best interest to update the personal information should circumstances changes, to ensure that user receiving promptly and smooth services from us with up to date personal information provided. In the case of an account is closed for any reason, we will retain User Personal Information in accordance with the applicable law and regulations for fraud prevention, collection of outstanding fees, if any, assisting any investigation, disputes solving or any other purposes complying with the law. However, user personal information, when the account is closed, will be remove from view as soon as reasonably possible.


We reserve the right to change and modify this Policy at any time and any changes or modification shall be published on website. User is therefore advised to check and read this Policy each time visiting website to be fully aware on the latest edition of the Policy.