Membership level

Membership levelNormalVIP
Agent fee5%3%
Upgrade criteriaAfter free registrationSingle purchase more than RM1000, or total purchase more than RM2000 within 3 months

The amount spent excludes shipping & agent fee and cancelled orders.

Single purchase means one single checkout payment. After you have checked out more than RM1000 orders, if some of them are found to be out of stock, you can submit some new orders to replace, as long as the original orders and replacement orders are shipped together in one parcel and total amount exceeds RM1000, it will still be considered as a single purchase and thus qualified for the membership promotion.

VIP will be promoted after you acknowledge the receipt of the orders. If your 1st batch of orders is more than RM1000, you will get your membership promoted after receiving them successfully and receive an email notification. After that, you will start to enjoy the discounted agent fee charge when your ongoing orders or new orders arrive.