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Ship For me / How it Work ?     如何代运
  • 1

    Visit www.ebeli.com.my log in or register as ebeli’s member

    前往 www.ebeli.com.my 的注册页面,输入用户名/邮箱和密码后点击注册即可。同时也支持使用面子书,谷歌帐号登陆。

  • 2

    Log into your taobao/ Tmall account, and add in ebeli’s china warehouse into your taobao/ Tmall account

    前往淘宝的账户管理,点击收货地址,添加 ebeli 的中国仓库地址。

  • 3

    In your taobao account, search for purchased items; parcel number, courier company and goods value


  • 4

    At ebeli “ Submit your parcel ” page, Add & submit your parcel details to ebeli

    前往 ebeli 的包裹页面,填写包裹资料。填写后点击添加即可。

  • 5

    At ebeli “ Check-out your parcel ” page, select arrived items, and check-out your selected items

    在ebeli的检查包裹页面,查看已到仓库包裹列表。打勾 √ 选择要邮寄的包裹,点击提交运单

  • 6

    At ebeli “ Check-out your parcel ” page, on your submitted items, select postage address, shipping method & Shipping insurance (optional). Thereafter, you may Submit to Pay the shipping fee

    在ebeli 检查包裹页面,注明邮寄收货地址,选择运输渠道,保险服务(自选的);最后点击提交运单/付费即可。